All-Des Sterilotan is a water-based disinfectant with sodium hypochlorite and is alcohol and perfume-free. It is therefore gentler on the skin and still acts bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and sporicidal. All-Des Sterilotan is suitable for disinfecting hands as well as surfaces.
Sterilotan is dermatologically tested and has passed the test with the grade „VERY GOOD“.
The effectiveness of disinfectants with sodium hypochlorite has been confirmed in studies.
The University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus has closely examined the spectrum of efficacy of disinfectants of various active ingredients, such as sodium hypochlorite:
Disinfection with sodium hypochlorite and what the University of Greifswald (Institute for Hygiene and Environmental Medicine) says about it:
Why Sterilotan All-Des?
Protection against bacteria
Effective against bacteria, fungi and special viruses (influenza viruses, noroviruses etc.)
Effective ingredients
Sodium chloride, sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide
protection against contagions
Strengthens the protection against diseases and infections.
Quick effect
Effective in only 15-30 seconds after application